Borjomi, Georgia

What are the things that are commonly associated with Georgia? Breathtaking mountainous landscapes, churches, wine yards, and, of course, Borjomi. Borjomi is the most famous resort town of Georgia that is known for its carbonated mineral water of the same name. The legend says that the name Borjomi derives from combination of words “borj”- fortress wall and “omi”- war.

The resort town is located in the south-central part of Georgia in the Borjomi Gorge. The main wealth of this town are artesian springs, Borjomi mineral water is made of; mineral water industry is the largest export of Georgia. People have been aware about benefits of Borjomi mineral water for centuries.

Archaeological excavations found 7 baths made from hewn stones that date back to the beginning of our era. Since the end of 16th century, the springs were abandoned. It was accidently found by soldiers of the Russian Empire in 19th century. Their regiment chief suffered from gastric ulcer, but was healed by water from the springs. Eventually, more and more people started coming here for healing water. In 1844, area around artesian springs developed into Borjomi mineral water park. In 1862, Borjomi became summer residence for Romanov dynasty.

The resort town haven’t lost its popularity ever since it was opened. Today Borjomi mineral water bottles colored in Georgian Green (the color was patented) with a picture of the resort are exported to more than 30 countries. Don’t think that people come to Borjomi only for healing springs; the town has so much more to show.

There’s a unique cultural monument – Firuza. This mesmerizing blue palace was built by consul of Iran, in 1892. The building is a mix of European, Georgian, and Persian architectural styles. In the north-west of Borjomi there’s Gogia’s Castle that was built in 14th century. There’s also Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park and Romanov’s summer palace. 

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