Bodbe, Georgia

Bodbe Monastery is one of the most significant monasteries in Georgia. The monastery is located in the village Bodbe, 2 km away from Sighagi in Kakheti. The area of monastery is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and filled with purest air. This exceptionally beautiful place occupies large area with flower gardens, vineyards, church buildings, and a healing spring. Bodbe Monastery is, actually, St Nino’s Monastery.

St Nino’s Monastery is of big importance among orthodox Christians, pilgrims from all over the world gather there. St Nino wasn’t a Georgian woman; her father was a high-born Roman military leader; her mother was a daughter of Jerusalemite patriarch. When Nino was 12 years old, her parents handed their possessions out and left for seclusion in Jerusalem dessert. 2 years later Nino, in her dream, was blessed by Holy Mother of God to spread Christianity in Georgia. Nino settled in Bodbe village; she lived there, cured people from diseases, and spread Christianity. Among cured people was Queen Nana who believed in Christianity and converted the Georgians. After Nino’s death, in the beginning of 15th century, a temple was built near her grave.

This temple was reconstructed by many following rulers, however, the original building wasn’t preserved till these days. In 15th century, St Nino’s Monastery gained such importance that Kakheti tsars were crowned there. Tarta-Mongols who destroyed everything on their way didn’t touch St Nino’s burial-vault, but damaged the temple significantly.

In 1889, Russian Emperor Alexander III ordered to open women’s monastery in Bodbe. The monastery was reconstructed and brought back to life; in 1924, there were 300 nuns. The same year the Bolsheviks came, devastated the monastery, and turned it into a hospital. Bodbe Monastery is such a quiet and peaceful place that anyone can unwind and enjoy time there. 

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