Besh Aral National Reserve (1,100 – 4,000 m) is a 1,120+ square meter reserve in the south-west portion of the Chatkal Valley. Besh Aral Reserve was first established in 1979. The goal of the reserve was to protect the habitat of the Menzbier’s Marmot as well as the Greig and Cauffman tulips.

Besh Aral National Reserve

The Besh Aral Reserve contains the Chatkal River (144 km long), one of the largest rivers in Kyrgyzstan silk road, over 1,500 plant species, 150 different kinds of birds, and 46 mammals.  Thirty of the plant species are listed in the Red Book.  Other examples of wildlife include wolves, foxes, wild boars, goats, porcupines, bears, martens and red marmots.

Besh Aral National Reserve is neighbored by the Pskem, Chandalash, Talas, and Chatkal Mountain Ranges and can only be reached via the Kara Buura Pass (3,305 m) in the Talas Ala Too Range or the Chapchama Pass (2,840 m) on the Chatkal Ridge. 

Tours, where you will visit Besh Aral National Reserve:
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