Beldersay, Uzbekistan

There are a lot of destinations to visit in Uzbekistan: ancient mosques, mausoleums that carry thousands years of history, the finest examples of Central Asian architecture. Alongside with historical monuments, Uzbekistan has amazing places for eco-tourism and one of them is Beldersay ski resort.

Surroundings of Beldersay ski resort is one of the most picturesque places in Uzbekistan. It is located 80 km away from Tashkent, near bewitching Tien-Shan mountains, on Kumbel mountain. The ski resort has the longest ski trail in Uzbekistan that ranges for 3 kilometers.

The main advantage of Beldersay is specific climate that allows to welcome tourists all year around. There are many different breathtaking landscapes, mineral springs, and juniper forests.  Beldersay will amaze any tourist with its snowy peaks, enchanting paths, breathtaking waterfalls, swirling rivers, turquoise lakes, and colorful villages that preserved folklore and traditions.

There are also quite a few historical monuments: ancient cave paintings, remnants of fortresses, and footprints of ancient people. Those ancient rock art pictures scenes from everyday life, hunting, and domestic animals.

Beldersay ski resort offers a variety of leisure and fascinating gorges, snow cliffs, and mountains. Beldersay is known for its unusual snow, due to dramatic climate changes, snow there is very cold and dry. Professional skiers consider it one of the best places to ski not only because of snow, but because skiing track is one of the best in Central Asia.

Beldersay is also full of tourist in spring and summer. Climbers and trekking lovers occupy the surroundings of Beldersay. There are a lot of destinations getting there will take only a few hours, but will leave anyone amazed by its beauty. 

Tours, where you will visit Beldersay, Uzbekistan: