Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is “The Pearl of the Black Sea” and the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. Its name derives from Greek language and translates as “deep port”. Today Batumi is the center of tourism and the main port in Georgia. The architectural style of Batumi city consists of European, Asian styles, and a variety of architectural forms. There’re buildings with elements of Georgian, Russian, Turkish, Soviet, English, and French architecture. Batumi is known for having one of the most beautiful squares in Georgia – Piazza Batumi. Concerts of famous artists are held there.

Batumi is also one of the most ancient cities in Georgia, it was established in 8th century BC. Distinctive architectural style of Batumi was defined by rich historical heritage of the city. Old parts of Batumi preserved that atmosphere of past centuries. Little cafes filled with aroma of freshly brewed coffee blend in with old craft shops, all of them are located in little houses with figures of mystical creatures on facades. Tourists are able to enjoy breathtaking sunsets from Batumi Boulevard. This 8 km seaside broadwalk is one of the most popular places in Batumi city and always very lively.

The symbol of the city – a dolphin with palm branch, is installed in the boulevard. Dolphins are frequent guests near shores of the city. Batumi city has the first dolphinarium in Soviet Union, it was established in 1975.

Another amazing sightseeing destination is Batumi Botanical Garden that’s one of the largest in Central Asia. It takes up 111 hectares and has a wide variety of flora from East Asia, North America, New Zealand, and many other remoted places in the world. Batumi city has so much to offer that it must be at the top of the list of any traveler. Exploring this wonderful city will take some time, but will be unforgettable experience. 

Tours, where you will visit Batumi, Georgia: