The city of Batken is located on the edge of the Fergana Valley in southern Kyrgyzstan, about 240 km from Osh, at an altitude of roughly 1000 meters. The city is home to 25,000 people and is famous throughout Kyrgyzstan silk road for growing some of the most delicious apricots in the country.


Many travelers stay in Batken and branch out into the surrounding gorges and mountains from there. For example, just outside the city on the slopes of Mount Aigul Tash, there grows a beautiful, extremely rare flower known as the Ajgul, which only blooms 2 weeks out of the year in April.  The whole area is an excellent destination for trekking and horseback riding tours that allow you to soak in the beautiful scenery and wildlife. 

Driving to and from Batken can be arduous if your point of entry into Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek.  However, there’s an airport in Batken that allows you to fly from Batken to Bishkek in just 1 hour if desired.

Tours, where you will visit Batken:
14 days
Fixed dates for 2020:
07/15/2022 - 07/28/2022

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