Bakuriani ski resort, Georgia

If travelers want to experience skiing in Georgia at its best, they must go to Bakuriani resort. It’s the oldest Georgia ski resort that has been functioning since the end of 19th century. Members of Russian imperial family made this place their winter residence. Russian royal family loved Bakuriani for the same reasons people love it nowadays: purest air, coniferous forests, and breathtaking views of snow peaks and ravines. Interesting fact is that the bridge that connects Borjomi and Bakuriani was designed by Gustave Eiffel. 

In thirties of 20th century, this Georgia ski resort was used as mountain-skis base for professional Soviet sportsmen and private recreation area for officials of USSR. Many winter sports competitions were held there. Independent Georgia heavily invested in Bakuriani ski resort to make it one of the best Georgia ski resorts. European specialists worked on upgrading the resort. Bakuriani was one of claimants to hold Winter Olympic Games 2014.

Today Bakuriani resort is the capital of Caucasus in winter, it can be compared to many European skiing resorts. The resort is so popular because of the climate; Bakuriani ski resort is the only place, where people can ski in swimsuits and sunbath at the same time. It’s located on the slope of the picturesque Trialeti Range, 1,700 meters above sea level. Summers are long and warm, while the average temperature in winters is -7 degrees Celsius.

Skiing season starts in the end of November and ends in the end of March. The resort is very safe; avalanches are rare in Bakuriani resort. In summers Bakuriani is a perfect escape from heat, the average climate if +22 degrees Celsius. Bakuriani can offer some interesting sightseeing places such as Borjomi resort with its unique mineral water or cave monastery Vardzia.

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