Baku, Azerbaijan

The City of Winds or Baku is the most beautiful city in Azerbaijan and its capital. It’s located at the interface of Europe and Asia, and the Middle East, thus, its religion, atmosphere, and cuisine were influenced by a giant mix of cultures. 

City port Baku is the largest city of the Caucasus region and the Caspian Sea. The largest cultural and industrial center of Azerbaijan is located on western shore of the Caspian Sea. The first theatre of Muslim east was opened in Baku, as well as, the first opera was staged. There’re museums, theaters, libraries, cinema theaters, and exceptionally beautiful architecture. The city is known for Oil Stones and its well-developed industry of all sorts. 

The city port has centuries of history behind its back; it’s unlikely that travelers will be able to fit all sightseeing places of Baku in few days. One of the most exciting parts of the city is the Old city or Icheri Sheher. The most ancient part of Baku was the first to be included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Exploring the Old city will take an entire day; there’re public baths, Juma Mosque, Maiden Tower, and Palace of the Shirvanshash. This place will feel like heaven to all cat-lovers; cats are residents there. Baku is rapidly developing city with modern skyscrapers and innovative architecture. Taking a stroll down city streets is like travelling through time from oriental past to future. Let’s not forget that Baku is city port, thus, there’s Pirmorskiy Boulevard one the shore of the sea. This picturesque boulevard stretches many kilometers and has trees, alleys, cafes, and fountains. If you feel like taking a look at the city from bird’s eye view, there’s Nagorniy Park that offers a breathtaking panorama of Baku. Local cuisine is something you won’t want to miss on; there’s Old Baku Tea House and prices are very affordable. Don’t worry, Baku has got what it takes to make you fall in love with it. 

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