Atyrau, Kazakhstan

The city of contrasts and the industrial center of the richest region in Kazakhstan is called Atyrau. Atyrau city is located in western part of the country, on the shores of River Ural on the Caspian Sea; it’s where the most important deposits of petroleum are located. The second name of the city is “Petroleum capital”. 

History of Atyrau city started in 1615, when a trader Gury Nazarov established Nizhny Yaitzky gorodok to fish sturgeon. Later it was named as Guryev. Today it’s a little town with population of 140,000. You’ll notice that yellow and brown colors predominate in architectural style and people staring at you, because locals are not used to crowds of tourists or tourists at all. Atyrau city is a confusing mix of slum and modern buildings. You’ll be even more surprised ones you see the central part of the city. It’s simply astonishing! The central part of Atyrau is occupied with international companies. It’s said that Atyrau more precisely its central part is the most expensive city in Kazakhstan!  Historically Atyrau city was divided into two districts: right shore was Samar side and left shore was Bukhara side. According to one version of a border between Europe and Asia, the city is located in two part of the world. On the central square you’ll find a memorial dedicated to leaders of rebellion in 1837, a cathedral, and a mosque. The city has quite a few monuments dedicated to famous Kazakh personas and museums. Places of interest outside of Atyrau are chalk mountains and ancient settlement that was founded in 12th century BC. 

It’s where history is being made today. One of the largest petroleum deposits in the world are being explored in Atyrau. By 2020, Kazakh government aspires to make Kazakhstan one of the world leaders in petroleum industry. Also, Atyrau is off the beaten path destination full of unique and vibrant Central Asian atmosphere! 

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