Ararat, Armenia

Ararat is the most paradoxical mountain. Holy symbol of Armenia is located on territory of Turkey. Ararat has always been the most esteemed symbol for the Armenians. When in 1920-s Mount Ararat became a part of Turkey, according to peace agreement between USSR and Turkey, it was a true tragedy for the Armenians. They haven’t been able to get over this loss, that’s why Ararat is, still, portrayed on national crest, with Noah’s Ark on the top of the mountain. Turkish government objected to image of Ararat on the crest, saying that the mountain isn’t a part of Armenia. Unproven story says that Soviet People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Chicherin answered that the Turkish crest has the Moon on it, although, it’s not a part of Turkey. 

Despite objections of Turkish government, the Armenians aren’t going to neither change the crest nor consider the mountain the holiest Armenian attraction. This snow-capped volcano is the highest peak of Turkey and of the Armenian plateau. It’s located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey at an elevation 5,137 meters. Mount Ararat is comprised of Greater Ararat and Little Ararat. The mountain is named after kingdom Urartu that existed in 9th -6th centuries BC. However, the Armenians call it Masis, the Turkish name is “Mountain of Agri”, which is translated as “mountain of sorrow”.  

Why this mountain is of such importance for the Armenians? There’s hypothesis that Noah’s Ark, after a world-engulfing flood, came to rest on Mount Ararat. The mountain is surrounded by national park; the park occupies area of 88 hectares. Researchers are,still, trying to find remnants of Noah’s Ark. In 1916, Russian officer Roskavitsky found parts of Noah’s Ark, frozen in of the glaciers. Roskavitsky measured and photographed the bible boat, but, in 1917, all evidence were lost. Famous monastery Khor Virap is located near the mountain. It’s the most popular pilgrimage site in Armenia.

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