Arab-Ata Mausoleum

Arab Ata Mausoleum is a fundamentally important object located in Tim village. The monument is a small square room crowned with a dome. Violation of the square shape obtained by forming of the main facade portal with rectangular niche. Inside the mausoleum is located covered by repair coating large tombstone. The material of construction are baked bricks.

The exterior of the mausoleum composition determines the volume of cube-shaped, pointed dome and stretched on the main facade elevated portal. Decor of portal consists of faceted flanking columns at the corners and parallel to it the U-shaped band of Kufic inscriptions inside. Next is lancet niche - arch, which both inside and on top is framed with carved figural bricks. The unique design of the mausoleum attracts the large number of researchers. The question is only when and by whom was built the construction, the reason that so bright and worthy to be the burial place for any ruler mausoleum was built in such a remote province.


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