Andijan - a city of Uzbekistan, the administrative center of Andijan region.

Population - 410 thousand people. The climate of Andijan is subtropical intracontinental. It is located in the eastern part of Fergana Valley at an altitude of 490 m above sea level, on the ancient river sediments Andizhansay, 260 km south-east of Tashkent. Fertile soil, plenty of light and heat, a long frost-free period (about 210 days per year) favor the cultivation in town suburbs of heat-loving crops – cotton, mulberry and other subtropical crops. Winter is usually mild and short, the average temperature in January is -5-11 degrees.

Andijan is the largest industrial, scientific and research, tourism, cultural and transport center of Fergana Valley with a long history. In 2015, the city of Andijan has celebrated 2500 anniversary. In recent years, the town economy is steadily developing mainly due to the automotive, gas and oil refining industries. The other important industries of Andijan are food, textile and light industries.

The airport of Andijan has recently received the status of an international airport.

Currently an electrified railway is being constructed from Tashkent to Andijan, this will return the town a status of a large transport center with two train stations I and II, two railway stations "Andijan-North" and "South-Andijan," and the international airport.

The city has a temple and a chapel.


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