Andijan, Uzbekistan

The antique center of craftsmanship of the Fergana Valley is located on the south of it. Andijan city is one of the oldest cities in the Fergana Valley; it’s, approximately, more than 2,000 years old. The city was also an important trade cross point of the Great Silk Road.

Andijan is also known as a city, where Muhammad Zahuriddin Babur was born, a famous descendant of Tamerlane. The founder of the Mogul Empire wasn’t just a great military leader; he was also a celebrated poet. Babur wrote a poem “Babur-Name”, where he described how prosperous and well-developed Andijan was; a lot of bread, abundance of fruits like melons, grapes, and peaches. Due to warm climate, when all fruit-trees were ripening, no one sold those fruits. Andijan city was too abundant with fruits.

There was a sewage system made of 9 channels and a large gravel road. Under his rule Andijan became a capital of the Fergana State and a booming trade center of the Silk Road with many caravanserais. In the XVI century the city was taken and became a part of Kokand Khanate. In 1876, as a part of Kokand Khanate, Andijan was included in the Russian Empire. Under the rule of the Russians the city started producing cotton and silk fabrics. Their fabrics were famous throughout entire USSR.

In 1902 many historical monuments were destroyed by an earthquake, some were previously destroyed by the Mongols. The city with such rich history lost almost all priceless evidence of it. The only architectural monuments that stayed untouched is Jami Madrasah. This huge complex is very impressive. Jami Madrasah consist of a madrasah, mosque, minaret, and is one of the biggest in Central Asia.

Modern Andijan is the administrative center of Andijan region and the largest center of engineering industry. It’s also a large center of Uzbek arts and crafts.

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