Ancient city of Termez

Alexander the Great having conquered Sogdiana, went to the conquest of Bactria.

One result of this campaign was the construction of Alexandria Oxianan Fortress on the right bank of Amudarya (Oxus), that was later destroyed by nomads after the departure of Greeks. A century later, the city was restored by Antiochus I under a new name - Antioch Tarmita. By that time it became one of the largest cities in Bactria, and then - in the whole Kushan Empire.

The ruins of this city hides Old Termez, spread on 500 hectares at about five kilometers from the current Termez. Today over a steep bank of Amudarya river appear the ancient walls with traces of large urban gates. On the west you can see the swollen towers, and on the walled area - remains of the Greek-Bactrian fortress. The walls of this citadel separated Shahristan from Rabad suburbs where lived and worked potters, blacksmiths and casters. In the city there was a channel providing the local population with water. By that time Termez was located at the crossroads of major caravan routes from Central Asia to Balkh and India. The scientists also specify that in addition to trade in ancient Termez was developed spiritual life. It is proved by the found here Buddhist monasteries, among them cave temple complex Karatepa and the monastery Fayaztepa that included sanctuaries, stupas for storage of Buddhist paraphernalia, decorated with paintings and sculptures of Buddha and Kushan rulers.


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