Ancient city of Pap

Pap is a town in eastern Uzbekistan, north-western part of Fergana Valley. From the east to southwest at a distance of 2 km from the town Syrdarya river flows. Pap is separated from Tashkent by Kamchik pass - a ridge of Kurama Range in Western Tien Shan. The distance from Tashkent to Pap along the road over the pass is 200 km. The closest neighbor town is Chust, located 16 km north-east of Pap. Pap became a town in 1982.

In 1987 on the west bank of Syrdarya river 3 km from the city on the hill "Munchak-Tepa" was discovered ancient settlement Pap, dated I-IV cc. Japanese archeologists by monitoring with space satellite have found here hollows, which appeared to be mass graves of unknown ancient tribe of VII-X centuries and, according to unofficial data, about 16 kg of gold. After numerous archaeological researches many artifacts were taken in an unknown direction, leaving only pitiful remnants of former luxury - clay jugs, vases, millstones, one female skeleton with asymmetrical skull, and a detailed plan of the excavation.


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