The Alay Alley is a 150 km long valley located between the Chong Alay and Alay Mountain Ranges in southern Kyrgyzstan. While the valley is often dry and cold resting at an average altitude of 3,000 meters, it still maintains thick, vibrant meadows that make excellent pastureland in the summer.

Alay Valley

The main settlement in the valley is the small village of Sary-Tash.  The few Kyrgyzstan silk road families that live in the village earn a living by raising sheep, horses, and yaks. 

Wildlife in the valley includes snowcocks, foxes, mountain goats, bears, and marmots.  Anglers can try their hand at some fishing for some Amudarya River Trout in the valley river against the beautiful backdrop of the Alay Mountains.

Tours, where you will visit Alay Valley: