Ak-Sarai (Ruins of Timur summer palace )

The ruins are located in Uzbek city of Shakhrisabz Kashkadarya region. More than 600 years ago Amir Temur decided to make Shakhrisabz a second capital, not less luxurious than Samarkand. Construction of the palace began in 1380 and was completed in a quarter of century. Only one front yard was 250 meters long and 125 meters wide. The height of the main portal, surmounted by arched scollops, reached 70 meters - the size of twenty-storey house. Corner towers were at least 80 meters in height and the entrance arch had a span of more than 22 meters. According to testimonies of that times the palace building could be seen at a distance of 40 km.

The palace was used for recreation and entertainment, as well as for the administration of public affairs. Even today decor of Ak-Saray looks admirable - shining armor covers the walls and vaults of the palace. Large geometric ornaments on the facade are made mainly of blue and blue-glazed bricks.

At the end of the XVI century Shakhrisabz rebelled against the rule of Sheibanids. And after the siege of the rebellious city, Bukhara ruler Abdullakhan II ordered to destroy Ak-Saray as well as other buildings of Temurids. Until nowadays only huge pillars of palace portal arch have survived with a height of 38 m, but even these remains of the former grandeur still serve as a symbol of Amir Temur state power.


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