Abshir Say Valley is a gorgeous valley that contains several impressive features. The Abshir Say River winds through the valley, traveling down from the Kichi Alai Mountains to water the valley. The gorge also houses several waterfalls, the most famous of which is Abshir Ata Falls, which pours out of a small hole high up on a 100-meter-tall wall.

Abshir Say Valley

Springs also reside in the valley as well as Lake Abshir Say.  

A legend surrounds Abshir-Say Falls that says there was once a man that wandered into the area surrounding the falls claiming to be a messenger of God.  The area’s residents were skeptical and demanded that he prove himself.  The man struck the rock with his staff and milk started pouring out.  However, the legend goes that over time, people didn’t respect the sacredness of the site and started washing their clothes in the source of the falls.  From that time on, milk ceased pouring out of the rock.  Nevertheless, people today still consider the falls a sacred place and go there to bathe and collect water.  

Besides all the water attractions, the valley also contains a large cave and petroglyph sites. One grouping of petroglyphs is 5 kilometers south of the village of Kek Jar and the second grouping is located 20 kilometers south of Abshir-Ata Falls.

Tours, where you will visit Abshir Say Valley: