In the Abshir Sai Valley (1,500 - 2,500 m), located approximately 70 kilometers outside of Osh, there’s a gorgeous waterfall known as Abshir Ata. Abshir Ata Falls flows from a 1.5 meter hole in the rock about 12-15 meters from the ground.

Abshir Ata Falls

Legend has it that a mysterious man once hit the rock with his staff and milk came out of it, earning it a reputation for being a sacred place that people would journey to from all around.  Unfortunately, legend also states that once people no longer appreciated it as they should have, the milk turned into water. 

Regardless of this fact, people still gather water from these falls today to use the mineral water that flows from it for its health benefits.

Tours, where you will visit Abshir Ata Falls: