Tour Program


The passenger’s hands are free, so he can take photo of impressive opening view. Winter time: Karakol Ski base After alighting you will be brought back to ski base by car. Height difference: 1000 meters Duration of flight: 15 minutes Suitable time: 12:00-15:00 Price for one flight: $50 per person (Karakol Ski base in winter time). Summer time: Aksuu village area The starting point is at attitude of 2170m. The price for one flight is 50 USD\person. Preparations and introducing briefing will take probably 20 minuts to equip the passenger with gard and helmet. There are different hills near with various height for beginners. At your service 3-5 paragliders, especially for companies who want to fly synchronically.

If the number of tourists is only one person, the price of 1 flight is 50$, the flight time 5-7 minutes, The height of the mountain is 2300-2400 m. The flight height difference is about 400 m.

Extra charge for additional flight 30$. The price includes transfer from Karakol hotel by car to a flight area in ​​Aksu​u​ and back to Karakol, the flight itself in tandem with instructor, video on GoPro1.

More than 1 person in group, the price is 30$ ​per flight for every tourist, the price includes the same things. The maximum number of flights per day 6-7 times.

Flights can be performed on any day, except for days with bad for flying weather.

Instructor speaks basic English. 

Tours should be booked in advance with prepayment via our website.

If the weather on booked day is not favorable, we will shift the flights for another day with good weather. If you prefer not to shift the flight day, the prepayment will not be returned.