Tour Program


8AM.  We depart early morning on 4wheel drive SUVs toward Sary-Jaz valley through Chon-Ashuu Pass (3822m) with breathtaking views from the top of the pass.
12PM. On the way there, we will visit Enilchek which is considered to be a lost city and attracts many tourists by its mystery. In Soviet times there was a huge manufactory producing non-ferrous and ferrous metals. We will drive through Enilchek and visit abandoned mine.
12:40PM.  Further enjoying with Kara-Tash hot springs with hot radon water, which flows under high black rock. The width of the spring is 4 meters, the length is about 50 meters and the depth is about 1.7-2 meters. The water temperature is about 55C degrees.
14:30PM.  After that we will start to drive to Karakol city
6PM.  We will be in Karakol