Tour Program


  • 9:00  Departure from Karakol
  • 9:30  Nikolay Przhevalskiy Museum
  • 11:00 Semenov Gorge
  • 12:30 Lunch (lunch boxes)
  • 13:30 Grigoriev Gorge
  • 15:00 Thermal springs “Tash-Suu” (Chon Oruktu village)
  • 17:00 Return to Karakol

Distance: 120km (one way)


Nikolay Przhevalskiy Museum

9 km to the north from the city, near the marina in the bay of Karakol in a park there is a museum, a monument and a tomb of Nikolay Przhevalskiy. It is located on the highest point of the eastern part of the Issyk-Kul coast. Near the monument there is a large stone slab under which the traveler’s grave is. It is decorated with a flower garden, coined by General Bilderling and sculpture on the perimeter made by Academician I. Schroeder. Powerful, dark gray with bright gilt monument perfectly complements the mountain landscape of the lakeside bay. It seems that the greatness of the Russian traveler, his heavy step and mighty look is fully embodied in the composition of the monument and now all merged together with the beauty of the Issyk-Kul.

Semenov Gorge

On the northern shore of the Issyk-Kul Lake there is the Semenov Gorge – one of the most beautiful places of the Issyk-Kul region. Its length is about 35 km. At the bottom of the gorge runs the Ak-Suu – rough mountain river with pure glacier water, and its majestic slopes are covered with the Tien Shan spruce. In the summer and spring the local clean air is filled with aromas of alpine herbs. Semenov Gorge is one of the main attractions of Kyrgyzstan. It is one of the obligatory tours for those who rest at Issyk-Kul. On all-wheel drive jeep we reach the Holy Lake, a beautiful deep alpine lake, where you can enjoy mountain trout from local shepherds.

Grigoriev Gorge

Grigoriev Gorge (the Kyrgyz name is Chon Ak-Suu) is located on the southern shore of the Issyk-Kul Lake, 120 km from the Karakol. Valley of Chon-Ak-Suu goes down from Kungei Ala-Too Ridge near the village Grigorievka. Grigoriev Gorge is the most famous attraction of the Issyk-Kul Lake. The sweet smell of pine trees, green hillsides, the noise of the mountain river, mountain lakes lure tourists on Issyk-Kul. There are beautiful Tien Shan spruce in this valley. The mountain slopes are covered with the red Grigoriev Gorge Alpine poppy, which stretches along the valley as a carpet. The length of the valley 35 kilometers. At the bottom of the gorge rushes turbulent glacial crystal clear water. The middle part of the valley is crowned with two snowy peaks: the Kum-Bel Peak (4200 m.) and Eshenbulak Peak (4647m.). In summer, the yurts are placed there, and everyone can enjoy delicious dishes of Kyrgyz national cuisine – koumiss and beshbarmak.

Thermal Springs Tash-Suu

Thermal Springs “Tash-Suu” is 75 km from Karakol. The water source refers to the group of waters without specific components and have chloride-sodium-calcium composition. The water is good for drinking and bathing. Balneotherapeutic influence is good for the disease in the following organs: nervous system, liver (cholecystitis, gastritis), intestines and stomach, pancreas, skin diseases.