Tour Program


Kok-Tuz pasture is located between the Karakol Gorge and the Aksu Gorge. It is the place where from time immemorial cattle of locals from Jol-Kolot village was grazed in summer and hay was stored for winter. Pasture Kok-Tuz means “green plain”, as in summer green grass at times reaches half of human growth, and the terrain itself is almost flat. At this point ends Aksu arboretum, where you can also walk a little after passing the Kok-Tuz. Here you can see and maybe talk to the local shepherds and drink fresh koumiss.

According to the program the entrance will be through the Karakol Gorge and the exit along the old road through the mountain hills, where you can see a beautiful view of Karakol, the nearby villages and the Issyk-Kul Lake.