Tour Program


The tour program:

09:00 Departure from Karakol

10:00 Visit to Broken Heart Rock and Seven Oxen Rocks

11:00 Walking in Djety-Oguz canyon

12:00 Visit to “Maiden Braid” Waterfall

13:30 Lunch

15:00 Going to the end of the valley to see Oguz-Bashi (Boris Yeltsin) peak (5168m).

16:00 Return to Karakol

Long time ago in this mountain land lived two noble and powerful khans. Once a greedy and evil Khan stole his neighbor’s beautiful wife. After that, two families began to argue and fight with each other. Smart people advised evil Khan: – Your enemy demand to gave him back his wife. You can fulfill his wish. Kill the woman and her body give to him. He will have nothing to say, because you would fulfill the requirement. Your heart will be calm, because he will not have a possibility to hold the woman you like… Greedy Khan liked the trick. To perform an evil plan, he gave the great funeral in the mountains. Many people gathered to visit. Seven red bulls were killed to become a funeral repast. When the last the seventh bull was killed, the evil Khan thrust a knife into the heart of his beloved. Hot blood spurted from the wound and sprinkled mountains – so far the blood have seen on the rocks now. Together with the crimson blood boiling water spurted from the wound, and hot stream flooded the valley. All the guests and numerous of relatives of the Khan-killer were killed in boiling water. The stream carried away the carcasses of red bulls that were prepared for the funeral repast. That is why the valley is called Jeti-Oguz that in Kyrgyz means – Valley of the Seven bulls. This legend was recorded by the Russian writer – Ivan Sergeevich Sokolov-Mikitov, who was traveling around the Kyrgyz land and heard it from the local nomads.

The next destination will be the Jeti-Oguz Gogre. It is possible to stop at the yurts to taste local cuisine. Jeti-Oguz is a mountain valley formed by the river of the same name that flows down to the Issyk-Kul from the northern slopes of Terskey Ala-Too; also it is a well-known resort, located in a valley at an altitude of 2200 m. The resort is set on the basis of hot sulfurous waters, the healing power of which has been known since ancient times. The surroundings of the resort is very picturesque. In the gorge, where Jeti-Oguz canyon begins there is a beautiful place Kok-Jayik and waterfall “Maiden Braid”. It is very popular among tourists. The uppermost part of the valley closes multimeter wall in the middle of which stands a beautiful double top Oguz-Bashi, means “Bull’s head” at the height of 5170 m.