Tour Program


09:00 Departure

11:30 Walk along the Karakol Gorge

12:30 Picnic

14:00 Visit the Ayu-Tor Gogre

15:00 Visit the Alpinist Camp

16:00 Return to Karakol

Exciting off-road tour will pass through the wonderful Karakol Gorge on trackless roads. We will visit the Alpinist camp, which gathers tourists from all over the world. Our guide will tell you interesting stories about these amazing places. We also will take a walk through the beautiful Ayu-Tor Gorge. There are two glaciers flowing down from the ridge that separates the basins of the Karakol and Jeti-Oguz Rivers. In this area are concentrated many mountains: Jigit Peak (5130 m), Karakol Peak (5281m), Przhevalskiy Peak (4283 m), Zhukov Peak (4450 m), Telman Peak (4460 m), Dimitrov Peak (4450m), Fuchik Peak (4210 m), Gasstelo Peak (4350 m).

The base camp is located in the forest area at an altitude of 2560m. The camp are situated at an altitude of 2 850 to 3 600 m. The peaks of the region: S. Tyulenin Peak 4240m, Students’ Peak 4202 m, Mendeleevets Peak 4112 m, Gastello Peak 4240 m, G.T.O. Peak 4245 m, Peak of Greek patriots 4285 m, Ashu-Tor Peak 4020 m, Feathers of Issyk-Kul Peak 4275 m, Trident Peak 3900m and others. The area is well developed by guides.