IMPORTANT: To buy a tour you need to register on our website and to log in. All procedure will take only two minutes of your time!

      1. We send you a link with a tour or for payment (for a custom tour).
      2. You need to click “Book now“. Book Now
      3. Then you will be transferred to the next page where you will see sum total, for what you pay, will see the terms of payment and cancellation policy. (Attention: An additional 4% credit card processing fee will be charged to your card when booking this tour). If you are satisfied, then click on “Proceed“.


      1. Then you will be transferred to a bank payment page, where you will enter all of your personal data (NOTE: we do not see the data, do not know and do not store it, the whole operation takes place on the secure website of the bank).  Сlick on “Pay” and the confirmation of payment comes to your email.


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