Tour Program


Kyzyl-Suu (formerly known as Pokrovka) is a village about 10km inland from the Issyk-Kul Lake on the A363 highway between Jeti-Oguz resort and Barskoon. There is a base for trekking into the 14,000 foot mountains to the South at the Chong Kyzyl-Suu (Big Red Water) Valley. The Kyzyl-Suu Valley has the same name with the Kyzyl-Suu River that runs through it. Kyzyl-Suu is literally translated as a “Red Water”, because of the red clay, which stains the water during periods of heavy rain.

Itinerary: The tour starts at 8:00 from Karakol and from Kyzyl-suu base starts horseback riding towards “Jyluu-Suu hot springs” (4 hours), after bath in thermal springs and lunch, we continue our trip to frozen waterfalls (2.5 hours). You will be amazed with a wild nature of this area and with an inexpressible panorama of the Issyk-Kul Lake at an attitude of 3700m.

Duration: 10-12 hours

Distance: 30 km (one way)

Route: Karakol – Kyzyl Suu – Karakol

Departure time: 8:00 

Arrival time: 19:00