Tour Program


Tour Route: Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Season: January-December
Best Period: June-November
Route Complexity: Moderate Trekking
Trekking Duration: 6 Hours
Height Difference: 1700-2700 m a.s.l. 

There are two beautiful waterfalls in Gorelnik gorge, which you will see on this trekking route. Rocks and fur-trees, the noise of falling water and blue sky with the clouds – is a memorable picture. From the eight-meter heigh, out from behind the large stone boulders, water flow is rushing fast, breaking against protruding rocks and turning into small and large splashes, sparkling in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. But we’ll not stay long here, because having climbed along the barely visible path on the left slope you will see another larger waterfall.

Apart of the charming natural beauty, Gorelnik gorge has a very interesting history. They say, that during the World War II there was a base for preparation of mountain shooters and commandos of NKVD. And that young saboteur-bombers were trained there to work behind enemy lines. Officially this information is denied, but surviving workers and instructors of the base say the contrary… In fact, we can only guess whether it was real or not – but there is a plate installed near Gorelnik camp site with the inscription “Here, in the Gorelnik, during 1943-1946, the All-Union school of mountain instructors worked. It was prepared 1500 instructors and more than 12,000 mountain shooters for the Red Army.”