Tour Program


The excursion starts from your hotel in Tashkent. After the tour, you will be escorted to your hotel, or to any other point within the city.


Important: all transfers during the tour are made by taxi (Yandex). The cost of taxi services is included in the price of the tour.


How does this tour differ from a city tour? More places have been added here, including a visit to the History Museum and the Museum of the History of the Temurids, raising to the TV tower, as well as savoring mouth-watering national dishes.


The main attractions on the route: Theater Square, Alisher Navoi Bolshoi Theater, Central Department Store, Museum of the History of Uzbekistan (with a visit), the former residence of Prince Romanov, Independence Square, Broadway, Amir Temur Square, city chimes, Uzbekistan Hotel, Temurids Museum of History (with a visit ), Monument of courage, Kukeldash madrasah, Juma mosque, Chorsu bazaar, Khast-Imam complex adjacent to Khast-Imam mahalla complex, Minor mosque (White Mosque), memorial to victims of political repression (with a visit to the museum), city television tower (with the rise to the observation deck).