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    While there isn’t a shadow of doubt Yerevan is the political, monetary and social heart of Armenia, there are occasions when a visit to the city offers you a sensation like you are on a never-ending holiday here. At the focal center, the city brags of some exquisite Russian buildings of the nineteenth century to top it up to the parkland rings and one of a kind brick squares. Yerevan, Armenian is a safe and well-relaxed city where the occupants appear to inhabit one pace as traffic goes up against the other. Also, the city has a serious cultural life including show corridors, music clubs, and a few theaters.

    On account of its strategic geographical setting, the city is excellently positioned to give voyagers an impeccable base for exploring other close and far regions. Truth be told, travelers can get the chance to appreciate day excursions to far territories as Mt. Aragats, Sevan and Vayots. For anybody wanting to visit Armenia for an occasion excursion, it is prescribed that you go for the get-away from May to the end of the month of October.

    Yerevan cuisine, similar to the other areas of Armenia, is affected exceedingly by the Eastern European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern tastes. Normally, every season in Yerevan, Armenian has its most loved foodstuff, for example, garlic, onions, and eggplant which are key elements of a summer diet. In Yerevan, drinks are all around characterized by different types of wines and vodkas which guests can appreciate with a few brands like straw pomegranate wine being basic beverages in the area.

    There is a significant gigantic choice of things to undertake in Yerevan, Armenian and attractions to appreciate amid your visit. The Monastery of Geghard is a memorable, lovely place which is a religious attraction site. Tsitsernakaberd is known as the place of reminiscence, and there is a monument/statue that attracts a large number of visitors to the region. Other tourist attractions in Yerevan, Armenian incorporate Republic Square, Garni, Khor Virap, The Cascade, and Matenadaran, also called the historical center of the antiquated original copies.

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