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    September is probably the most suitable time to travel Tajikistan: the heat has subsided on the fields a bit, yet everything except the most astounding mountains is as yet available. The business sectors are flooding with delightful produce that is fresh, and the streams are streaming in full compel with the meltwater of glacier.

    Extending the time frame a little bit, any point from the months of June to September is a decent time to visit this beautiful nation for the vast individual’s motivations. You can climb in the high mountains and venture to every part of the Pamir Highway snow-free, and there are loads of activities in the towns.

    April, May and October are additionally alright temperature-wise, yet opportunities to go hiking are less (unless you can deal with the snow). Spring brings the extra peril of landslides, which have the capability of blocking roads for quite a long time.

    November to March is not prescribed because of the chilly and the snowfall, yet some may delight in the challenge, the irregular landscapes and environment, and the absence of outsiders as of that time of year.

    Additionally, take note of that travelling Tajikistan will incorporate real height contrasts, climate being less foreseeable and colder in the mountain ranges.


    Mountain climbing: June to September is great for generally climbing. July and August are favoured for the higher levels (over 3000 m).

    Riding Horses: April to October is the most appropriate time to undertake this activity

    Cycling: June to September is ideal; however snow is conceivable year-round on the high passes

    Skiing: The months of December to March are superb for this activity. Skiing in Tajikistan is a self-bolstered adventure.

    Boat rafting Depends on the waterway, however, for the most part, August – October is best as the icy mass melt is highest then.

    Travelling Tajikistan can be the best trip ever if you get the best travel months for the activity you are to undertake in that country.

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