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    Iran is beautiful and extremely diverse; you can find here everything, both sea, mountains, desert and beautiful green towns. It is the birthplace of Zarathustra and the oldest religion in the world- Zoroastrianism, Omar Khayam and Persepolis. Here are some quick things to know before travelling Iran.

    1. The official language of Iran is Farsi. Though it looks like both in appearance and in sound like Arabic, it is by far not the same.
    2. Iranian Calendar called Solar Hijra. It is based on the solar year. In contrast to the classical Islamic calendar, the months of the solar Hijra always fall on the same days of the year. The first six months consist of 31 days, the following five – 30, and the last – of 29 or 30 days, if the year is a leap year. By the way, months retained their ancient Zoroastrian name. Now Solar Hijra is used as the official calendar.
    3. Chronology in Iran is from the 622 – year migration of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina (Hijra). March 21, 2016 came in 1395 in the country.
    4. All women in Iran, including foreign women, are supposed to follow some mandatory rules regarding clothing. It is mandatory for all ladies to cover the head and neck. Clothing must cover the legs to the ankles and hands to the wrist.
    5. Be careful, in Iran the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard do not work. This means that these cards are impossible to use there and it applies even to online payments.
    6. Beach holidays in Iran is present (mostly on the island of Kish), but has its own characteristics. General beaches are not for both men and women. Men can relax on the beach near the hotel, and for women, there are some private beach away from the resort area.
    7. If locals invite you to stay in their house, be prepared for the fact that a significant part of the time will be spent on communication with the hosts. This is not a mandatory rule, but more of a tribute of respect and common courtesy. They are really into talking with the guests, and they are trying hard to offer the best they have, including their time. Sometimes seemingly boring, it can become an invaluable experience of intercultural communication.
    8. On the territory of Iran is one of the oldest cities in the world Yazd. Its history goes back more than five thousand years. The city is considered the spiritual centre of Zoroastrianism. There is a Zoroastrian village preserved in its vicinity.

    Visiting Iran is a true blessing for mind and soul, don’t get fooled. There are no wars there, and it’s one of the most beautiful countries, if our travel guide impressed you then hurry up to travel Iran now!

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