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    Tbilisi is not only Georgia’s capital, but it is also the heart of the country. It holds the architecture, the history, and the culture within its borders. So, if interested in traveling to Georgia, Tbilisi is the place to begin. Compared to the rest of Europe, its close neighbor, Georgia isn’t known for its drinking culture. Germany is known for its beer, France and Italy for their wine, and all three along with other countries are known for their relaxed attitude towards drinking.

    But despite the difference in attitude, Georgia values wine highly like an art. Wine is considered to be much more superior to other forms of alcohol. It is also closely tied to food, hospitality, religion, and other cultural aspects. Traveling to Georgia is ideal for wine-lovers. They can find a quality and varied assortment of wines in the country, especially in Tbilisi. Beer and liquor are also available at bars in this city, but the wine is the true gem.

    The oldest evidence of wine making is from this country. It has a long and deep history which has affected the people’s views on wine. Georgians are quite hospitable and wine is a part of that hospitality. When traveling to Georgia, and meeting locals, it is very possible that they will offer you wine. Be sure not to refuse. Not only will it taste wonderfully and be well-paired with the food, but it will also avoid offending your host!

    There are plenty of good bars to check out in Tbilisi. It has a good nightlife. But, if you’re looking specifically for those specializing in wine, there are plenty to choose from. Consider this your travel guide to wine in Georgia. Check out Schuchmann Wine Bar and Restaurant. Because what makes wine better but the perfect food? This is a highly rated bar that is semi-casual. Another great place to check out is Chateau Mukhrani. This is considered to be the place to find the best wine in Georgia. Not only do you get to taste delicious wines, but you also will get a wine tour accompanied by local history and legends. Lastly, another wine location that’s worth experiencing is g. Vino. It’s open late, has 4.7 stars, and even serves Georgian traditional wine! This is just the spot for that experienced wine-o.

    Wine is deeply imbedded in Georgia’s culture. It doesn’t have quite the same feelings about drinking as other western countries do, but it acknowledges its beauty, history, and importance as an art and a cultural relic. Travel to Tbilisi, Georgia for a sip of some of the finest, well-made wines in Central Asia.

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