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    Uzbekistan is made out of beautiful cities and colourful bazaars. He smells of real plov, tasty pitas and juicy melons. Uzbekistan cherishes our eyes with beautiful castles and exclusive beaches, intrigues as with unique carpets and captivates our souls once and forever. Add to these facts one more, Uzbekistan is much cheaper than Europe or North America, curious now?

    Let’s list down some main activities in Uzbekistan!

    Get lost in the Bazaar
    In the East, the life of the entire city is happening usually in the Bazaar, people come here not only for shopping but also for meeting friends and gossiping in the nearby teahouse. The perfect bazaar for this purpose is the Chorsu in Tashkent. This bazaar is booming since middle Ages and is enormous; you need at least three hours to take a look on all of it.

    Go for a hike

    Uzbekistan is the perfect country for hiking and making pictures. Hiking here makes your soul and body feel good, the clean mountain air, fabulous views, clear water and all of this just two hours from Tashkent in Charvak.

    Buy the most beautiful Carpet

    It doesn’t matter, small or big, just buy one. That’s the best souvenir you can bring from Uzbekistan, they love carpets and they make the best ones, don’t believe? They even have a carpet museum. If the prices seem too big to you, then don’t mind you to bargain, like this you can cut the price several times!

    Let your belly be happy

    Juicy lamb pilaf with carrots, and even quince, they know everything about pilaf!  Here it can be with everything, it is prepared in dozens of different ways, with chicken, lamb, beans or even dried fruits, it still is the delicious local pilaf.  Not enough? Order a lagman and enjoy the view from the kitchen where the chef pulls out the noodle dough. Even for vegetarians Uzbekistan is a pearl, they can enjoy the regale rosy cakes, sour milk and local fruits.

    Spend a night in the desert

    Start your trip to Kyzylkum desert with the ancient fortress Ayaz Kala (100km from Khiva). Once in Kyzylkum, stop here for few nights and enjoy your time in a yurt camping, or check our 4×4 tours!

    Celebrate the New Year in March

    The most favourite holiday in Uzbekistan is Navruz. They love celebrating the day of the spring equinox, which usually is 21st of March. This tradition is very old and persists since the very pagan times. Nowadays, the Navruz coincides with the first day in the Iranian calendar, so while the celebration goes on, you can see many Iranians in the town.

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