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    Tajikistan is a very unique tourist destination, it’s located in the heart of Asia and has a great historical heritage, rich ancient culture and diverse natural landscapes, despite the fact that 93% of the country consists of mountains.

    The ,biggest pride of the country are its historical centres, such as Penjikent, Hissar, Khujand Kurgan-Tube, Istaravshan and Kulyab; all of these monuments were kept untouchable for thousands of years, so now we can admire these unique gems of antiquity and precious historical artefacts along with the many legends and stories composed about them.

    There still live the famous dynasty of craftsmen:. Zolotoshvei, masters for the production of silk, batik, Abra, gulduzi, embroidery skullcaps, weavers, jewelers, masters of cold steel, potters and others, products of which are considered unsurpassed masterpieces and famous for the whole world.

    As well, in Tajikistan you can find petroglyphs, which represent the history in pictures – rock paintings of ancient people. They just stood still abound in the mountains of Tajikistan, especially a lot of them are in the town Vybist – Dara, which is 30 km from the city of Khorog. Local figures are absolutely unique in terms of the themes and the most “photogenic” available on the territory of Central Asia. By its archaeological value, they can only be compared with traces of dinosaurs and ancient reptiles, which are in the country, however, also in abound.

    This country is the edge of unconquered peaks, boundless glaciers, swift rapid rivers and unreal in its beauty alpine lakes, the edge of the unique vegetation and relict animals.

    It rises up, floor landscape determined the originality and uniqueness of the natural beauty of Tajikistan, the richness of their shapes due to the variety of climatic zones. Here, just a half hour flight from the heat, and the heat of Vakhsh valley, you can get into the zone of Arctic cold and eternal snows of the Pamir’s peeks.

    Pamir – one of the most famous mountain ranges of the world, better known as the “roof of the world”, has in its arsenal altitudes from 2800 to 7495 m above sea level.. It is here, in the high-rise pole Pamir – peak Ismail Somoni (7495 m), that eager climbers from all over the globe try to conquer.

    As you can see, Tajikistan is full of beauty, and attractions for all the admirers and lovers of the best. The Peaks and hiking opportunities won’t leave anyone indifferent and will surely make you feel much better.

    Tajikistan travel is everything you need now, so contact us for your next trip!

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