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    Keenly following in the footsteps of the old traders of Silk Road, new age tourists visit Tajikistan to experience a magical land across the “Roof of the World.” It is a land that has many mountain ranges, high altitude deserts and not forgetting the deep ravines.

    Even though Tajikistan is among the most remote countries on earth, even in its most difficult to find nooks host life; the high altitude deserts and the mountain ranges are the Kyrgyz nomad’s home. Below are the main reasons as to why tourist desire to visit Tajikistan.


    Not nature or the mountains, both of which are breathtaking; but the people who live there, are one of the most important things as to why tourists visit Tajikistan. They are popular for the hospitality traits and accommodating characteristics. They are friendly and can even make good tour guides.


    Because the country of Tajikistan is covered with mountains, it clearly beautifies the nature in the country. For a climber, hiker, and nature enthusiasts, Tajikistan offers interesting activities like trekking, kayaking, mountain climbing and much more.


    Khorog, Dushanbe, and Khujand will not pop up in the mind of tourist as much as modern cities like Paris, London or even Madrid, but it is crystal clear that there are exceptional and attractive features to a lot of the Tajikistan cities. The cities are full of theaters, museums, opera shows but you can be able to see some of the traditional chai-honas (teahouses), castles and also beautifully designed structures.


    The Tajik cuisine is easily likable. You can enjoy dishes that are varied as plov which is similar to the Persian pilaf, the qurutob and much more. There is a large variety of foods that are very delicious.


    Tajikistan has a very low cost of living. An example of Dushanbe, which is a big city in Tajikistan, is very cheap; approximately 2-3 times cheaper compared to other cities in the world. There are even other cities that are cheaper than this in Tajikistan.

    All this shows that a visit to Tajikistan is worth it and you will not regret it.

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