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    List of Countries whose Citizens may Enter Georgia without Visa for 1 (One) Full Year (Unless Otherwise Noted):

    1. EU States
    2. Albania
    3. Andorra
    4. Antigua and Barbuda
    5. Argentina
    6. Armenia
    7. Australia
    8. Azerbaijan
    9. Bahamas
    10. Bahrain
    11. Barbados
    12. Belarus
    13. Belize
    14. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    15. Botswana
    16. Brazil
    17. British Dependent Territories
    18. British Overseas Territories
    19. Brunei
    20. Canada
    21. Chile (90/180 days)
    22. Colombia
    23. Costa Rica
    24. Denmark Territories
    25. Dominican Republic
    26. Ecuador
    27. El Salvador
    28. French Republic Territories
    29. Holy See
    30. Honduras
    31. Iceland
    32. Iran (45 days)
    33. Israel
    34. Japan
    35. Kazakhstan
    36. Kuwait
    37. Kyrgyzstan
    38. Lebanon
    39. Liechtenstein
    40. Malaysia
    41. Mauritius
    42. Mexico
    43. Moldova
    44. Monaco
    45. Montenegro
    46. Netherlands Territories
    47. New Zealand
    48. Norway
    49. Oman
    50. Panama
    51. Qatar
    52. Russia
    53. Saint Vincent and Grenadines
    54. San Marino
    55. Saudi Arabia
    56. Serbia
    57. Seychelles
    58. Singapore
    59. South Africa
    60. South Korea
    61. Switzerland
    62. Tajikistan
    63. Thailand
    64. Turkey
    65. Turkmenistan
    66. Ukraine
    67. United Arab Emirates
    68. United States of America
    69. Uruguay (90days)
    70. Uzbekistan

    Other Conditions for exemption from Georgian Visa:

    • International travelers who are holders of valid visas or/and residence permits determined by the Ordinance № 256 of the Government of Georgia, may enter and stay in Georgia for 90 days in any 180 day period.
    • Foreign nationals who are holders of the UNO’s or its specialized agencies travel documents (Laissez-Passer), can enter or stay on the territory of Georgia without a visa for full 1 year.
    • Holders of diplomatic or official/service passports of *China, *Egypt, *Guyana, *Indonesia and *Peru may enter and stay in Georgia without visa.
    • Compatriots residing abroad, who are citizens of the country whose citizens need a visa for entering Georgia, are authorized to cross the state border of Georgia without a visa and stay in Georgia for no more than 30 days;
    • Aliens holding a Georgian residence permit or a temporary residence permit of a refugee or a person with humanitarian status for the entire period of the above mentioned documents validity.
    • Members of a crew of an international airline, railway, or marine transport and passengers that need an interim change of carrier or means of transport and have a document evidencing the right to enter their country of destination do not require a visa for transit movement in Georgia. Period of stay in Georgia should not exceed 10 (ten) days. Passengers are not allowed to leave an area signated specifically for transit at an airport, a railway station or a seaport.

    Source: https://www.geoconsul.gov.ge/HtmlPage/Html/View?id=956&lang=Eng#

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