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    Turkmenistan is a home to about 5 million individuals, is a tightly controlled police state, therefore getting to know the realities of travelling on the ground will translate to an easier trip, and minimal astonishment all round. There are numerous rewarding and fascinating sceneries in store for prepared tourists who are up for an awesome adventure- from the Arabian camels to the dinosaur footprints; to the burning gas crater to the golden horse of Akhal-Teke.

    Turkmenistan Weather Worries

    A large percentage of Turkmenistan (almost 90%) is made up of the Karakum desert. During the summer months, the temperature can go as high as 500C thus making travelling difficult for the tourists. Turkmenistan is popular for its abundance of gas and gold. Gas is totally free to everyone, but matches and lighters are not free, so some of the citizens of Turkmenistan leave their stoves on for 24 hours 7 days a week.

    Crime & Curfews

    According to the country’s official statement, it says that there is no crime in the country. It is clear that this is false but to be fair; it is a fact to mention that the country is safe to tour in with very low rates of crime.


    In Turkmenistan, always attempt to stay safe by eating cooked food- typhoid is common and can dawdle in cold meat and salads. Always drink treated water.

    Getting There and Around

    Travellers, although welcomed, will be required to rent a tour guide and be accompanied on an official trip. It is a challenge, but it is unavoidable since you do not know the country well. But you do not require a guide in Ashgabat the capital nor in the close surrounding zones. An individual can tour the following areas unescorted- Kipchak Mosque (with the tomb of Turkmenbashi next door), Nissa and Tolkuchka Bazaar. The simplest and less expensive way for the tourists to visit these areas is by a rented car.

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