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    Trekking is becoming all the rage. It’s a mixture of hiking and walking and enjoying the natural scenery. More and more people are being drawn to the natural world as our society is slowly retreating further and further indoors to sit in front of our TV or iPhone screens. But, there is beauty all around us, and there is an exceptional beauty in the wonderful country of Kyrgyzstan. And trekking in Kyrgyzstan has everything a trekker could want: thick, dense forests, high snow-capped mountains, grassy hills, and lush plains.

    Trekking opportunities in Kyrgyzstan will not be hard to find! Kyrgyzstan is one of the best places for trekking in the world. That’s because it contains Tien Shan and Pamir, two stunning and awe-inspiring mountain ranges that trekkers just love to explore. You can head out on your own or join a guided group. For example, you could book a guided trip with TrekPro Kyrgyzstan. You can choose between numerous types of trips, depending on the amount of days you want to go, what sites you want to stop at, etc. A guided tour might be the best option if it’s your first time to this country. Plus, with a guide, you can really get a “real deal” experience, and will be able to see the best sites, and learn the most accurate information.

    But for those more experienced trekkers, it could be an option to head out on the path alone. If one is looking for some solitude, peace, and a little bit of meditation, then a trekking journey to the mountains would be just the thing. It’s easy and inexpensive to get a hired car or a bus to a trail opening, depending on where you want to go. Some sightseeing options are Ala-Archa River, Ak-Sai Glacier, Issyk-Ata Valley, and Byty Peak. Because of the rise in tourism, buses are an option to certain areas as well as cars, and some people even hitchhike. But, hitchhiking should be done cautiously.

    Trekking in Kyrgyzstan will not disappoint, whether you’re an extremely experienced trekker or whether you’re just starting out. It has something for everyone. There is the natural beauty, the history, and there is also the experience of the culture and its people. While enjoying the trails, why not stop off at a few different villages and markets to try out some of the cuisine and/or talk to the people, and see how they live? Come and experience the green and majestic beauty of Kyrgyzstan and head out trekking on the trails.

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