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    At first look, Western Kazakhstan appears a great deal like Arabia. However, this negligible Sahara lexicon is advanced with a certain, neighborhood vocabulary: underground mosque, Devil’s Balls, Bitumen Lake, moufflon. In case that sounds intriguing, read on. The absence of infrastructure in the deserts of the western region of Kazakhstan, nonetheless, implies this is an area for adventurers with their transport. Excepting that, you will probably require a conventional spending plan to sort out a visit, or a rental vehicle, in case you desire to go past the urban areas.

    Atyrau and Aktolagai

    Kazakhstan’s oil capital is Atyrau. The shameful wealth gap in plain view here makes it a fairly dodgy place for outsiders sneaking around back streets. It is highly recommended to move in the opposite direction of the glimmering architecture, heading into the desert.

    The Aktolagai pyramid is the undeniable landmark in an area with enough historical and all panoramic enthusiasm to warrant no less than an overnight excursion.

    Aqtau and Mangystau

    Aqtau is another unexciting spot fuelled by oil cash. I don’t prescribe going to unless you are occupied with investigating Mangystau, or taking the ship across the Caspian Sea.

    The Mangystau area, then again, is loaded with astonishments. You can join a journey to an underground mosque, consider the puzzle of the Devil’s Balls, or find a point of view from the heights of the Ustyurt plateau or the insights of the Karagiye depression.

    Mangystau has a Turkmen impact, and not just in the landscape. Numerous Kazakhs in, for example, Beyneu and Zhanaozen, are recent immigrants from Turkmenistan.


    Oral is an ancient city, to Kazakh levels, a trade core along the Ural stream. Seeing its geographical position, it is not astonishing that Oral is mostly of interest for its part in the Russian history. Close-by Aksai is the fundamental hub for oil misuse.

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