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    Shymkent and around

    In case Almaty is the queen of Kazakhstan, Shymkent is the enthusiastic woman-in-waiting. Located on an intersection interfacing Tashkent with the remaining part of Kazakhstan, Shymkent is a dynamic merchant’s town. Toward the south lie mountains Sayram-Ugam and Aksu-Zhabagly. Homestay programs attract in guests and money to secure uncommon flora and fauna.

    Unlike the Western region of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan’s Sufi legacy does not stow away in caves here. The sepulcher of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi towers out above Turkistan. Various other Sufi sepulchers dot the desert. After time for prayers, you can tour the ruins of previous oasis towns at Sauran and Otrar.

    The profound south is Uzbekistan by a different name. It is Uzbeks who resides and work here, planting cotton encompassed by medieval brickwork. A valid example: Sayram.

    Taraz and Zhambyl oblast

    I have never come across an outside visitor say they needed to tour Taraz or its environment (Zhambyl Oblast). Maybe it isn’t so much that breathtaking. Be that as it may, as a matter of first importance, this absence of intrigue originates from a lack of information.

    For a city of 300 000 people, Taraz is sleepy. How about we simply say its history is more stunning than its present. The evidence of this rests in archeological destinations and mausoleums. Be that as it may, you have to go and discover them independent from anyone else.

    East of Taraz, the 3000 meters and more pinnacles that shape the border with Kyrgyzstan are known just to the local mountain climbers. On a more unlawful note: Shu is Kazakhstan’s weed city.

    Next Recommended Destination

    Across the border to the south lie Tashkent and the other Silk Road towns of the country of Uzbekistan. From the city of Taraz, you can go into Kyrgyzstan through the backdoor passage, into the Talas valley of the Northern region of Kyrgyzstan.

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