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    Azerbaijan tourism history has had centuries’ long customs with the evidence demonstrating their age. It is sufficient to reminiscence the Great Silk Road where exchange, as well as social trades, were conducted. Be that as it may, without a doubt, enthusiasm to the nation on the shores of the Caspian Sea spreading in the season of the hydro carbonic reserve search. Do you realize that at the start of the twentieth century, Azerbaijan held a large percentage of the world’s oil extraction? After all, the that quickly enriching area was alluring for individuals from all around the globe.

    Azerbaijan turns into the focal point of worldwide tourism in the 3rd millennium. The nation with rich antiquated history has a great many spots to tour and enjoy Azerbaijan tourism – beginning from the country’s capital to one of a kind villages that are lost in the mists. Guests are pulled in by the Apsheron’s shore. The water of the Caspian Sea, the biggest lake on the planet, is not that salty like the seawater; it is both: lovely to swim and to mend for the skin. You can ride a watercraft, in the focal point of the shoreline tourism of the Caspian area, tour on the yacht, carry out fishing and jump into the water with an aqualung. On the route to Apsheron, there is a sanctuary of flame admirers Ateshgyah, in the town of Surakhana, where gaseous petrol has been flaring from time immemorial because of contact with the oxygen.

    The nation that had been extricating oil for a long time has many hot mineral springs that are used in healing various ailments. In any case, the fundamental eccentricity of therapeutic resorts of Azerbaijan is the one of a kind origin of Naphthalene oil that is non-burning, that acts as a characteristic treatment material with extraordinary properties.

    Khinalug, the most ancient town, was specified in the reports of ancient Greek and Roman students of history. They have held a one of a kind culture; they talk their dialect and wear customary garments. The most elevated and most secluded settlement in the mountains of the Big Caucasus had been out of reach as of not long ago, yet now has transformed into a cherished tourist site.

    The country has put in measures to improve Azerbaijan tourism since many tourists have discovered this amazing place and the tourist numbers are increasing exponentially.

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