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    Kazakhstan is a one of a kind locale on earth, due to its rich history, size, and land position. Being the world’s ninth biggest nation and situated in the focal point of Eurasia, it is likewise the biggest landlocked nation on earth. These brought about a particular climate and an impossible to miss natural system of the nation, which appears to absorb the brightest cases of the scene of both landmasses. Furthermore, confounded history of Kazakh individuals and consistent cooperation of nomadic way of life with settled individuals in South Kazakhstani antiquated towns, have prompt an interesting and legitimate culture of Kazakhstan.

    These peculiarities have made a chance to create different and various offers for travel and tourism in Kazakhstan, which incorporate genuine cultural tourism, nature-based exercises, including ecotourism, bird watching, trekking or skiing in mountains, swimming in lakes and waterways of Kazakhstan, water sports and sunbathing, and numerous others.

    Mountains: Trekking and winter sports

    A scope of high, low and middle mountains, for example, Ulytau, Kazygurt, Altay, Tien Shan, and so forth have a lovely nature pulling in visitors from everywhere throughout the world. Tien Shan Mountains is the most astounding among them (with the highest pinnacle of around 7000 meters), and Almaty, the biggest city in Kazakhstan, is situated at its base. Along these lines, simple access to radiant scenes for travelers intrigued by trekking and winter games is accessible from Almaty city thus making tourism in Kazakhstan easily enjoyable.

    Lakes and streams: water sports, sunbathing and wellbeing resorts

    Kazakhstan is not just mountains and steppes; it is likewise a nation of lakes and streams. Lakes among the steppes are normally similar to a desert spring among empty deserts.

    Coast of the greatest lake on the earth – the Caspian Sea is ideal for swimming, fishing and sunbathing. The biggest number of repositories is packed in the south-eastern region of the nation, in the area with a typical name Zhetysu – “Seven Rivers.” All the rivers of Zhetysu have a place with the basin of Lake Balkhash, which is likewise a mainstream vacationer destination for its wellbeing focuses and entertainment camps. Other than centers of health, boating in rivers in the mountains for extraordinary visitors, boating and cruising in lakes are just a couple of cases of activities offered for visitors in Kazakhstan.

    Culture: Ethno-tourism

    One of a kind culture of Kazakhstan is motivation to go to Kazakhstan for some visitors. Practically in each side of the Republic, a guest, inspired by genuine of Kazakh individuals – their conventions, customs, craftsmanship and culture, will discover numerous things of intrigue. These incorporate exhibition hall buildings, ethnic towns, portraying a traditional way of life of Kazakh individuals, authentic locales of medieval urban communities and many others.

    Over the years, tourism in Kazakhstan has developed and will continue to advance according to the government of Kazakhstan. This wonderful nation should find a way into your bucket list.

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