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    Azerbaijan is a country in the Caucuses area where you get a lot to appreciate. This beautiful country is situated in the Caspian Sea; there are many subtropical seaside resorts, you can also clinch Azerbaijan’s name as the land of fire by having a tour to a mud volcano or flaming mountain. Some old mosques and minarets are hidden in the hillside towns. Therefore if you tour Azerbaijan, you will enjoy it whatever your agenda or restriction of time. Azerbaijan has a lot to provide to the visitors.


    The capital city of Azerbaijan is known as Baku, and it lies along the Caspian Sea. The city is in a way a mixture of the Icheri Seher, an ancient walled city and a new-age building trend that has caused a boom in skyscrapers some which are decorated with Liquid Crystal Displays screens. Amongst all this, make an effort of not missing the flame towers. These are three towers that were built to look like a fire that casts a superb glow over the city of Baku.

    Icheri Seher

    Popularly known as “Fortress” and “Old City,” Icheri Seher is in the centre of Baku and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will notice those amazing architectural feats everywhere in this protected quarter of the city. It includes the Shirvanshah Palace that was built back in the 13th century and not forgetting the maiden tower. When you tour Azerbaijan, do not just go there for the style of building but also for the handicrafts, for example, ceramics and textiles for example carpets.

    Absheron National Park

    Sitting in the city of Baku in the Azizbeyov area, Absheron National Park covers an area of 783 hectares of land that is protected. If a traveller tours Azerbaijan, it is the most suitable place to see the beautiful flora and fauna.

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