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    There are numerous Spector-friendly games in Central Asia. They normally rotate around demonstrating how renegade you are, either while riding a stallion, wrestling down your rival or a blend of the 2. On horseback there is long distance racing, dashing after a young lady, buzkashi, collecting a coin from the ground, bows and arrows and the previously mentioned horseback wrestling.

    Horse-less, there’s conventional wrestling and hawk hunting (in spite of the fact that you can utilize a stallion for that one as well). At that point, there are the less macho games: sheep bone tossing, the children’s top choice, and the mancala-style game of minds known as toguz korgool or toguz kumalak.


    Otherwise called ulak tartysh, kokboru or kokpar, in this traditional game, two groups of riders fight for the remains of a dead goat to be tossed into the other group’s goal. Awesome and merciless, it is the favorite amongst the spectators.

    Horseback archery

    Otherwise called jamby atu, the objective is to hit the spot shooting in reverse while riding a horse in full dash. Hungarians are the genuine experts of this game. However, it is making a little rebound in Central Asia.

    Horseback wrestling

    Also called tyiym enmei in Tajikistan, AUD Ary Pak in Kazakhstan and oodarysh or er enish in Kyrgyzstan, this is a traditional game for genuine men. Get the other person off his stallion and you are crowned the winner.

    Girl-boy horse racing

    It is also known as kyz kuyu or kyz-kuumai, this energizing horse race includes a boy and a young lady pursuing each other. To start with, the boy goes after the young lady. He wins if he can kiss her. Next, the young lady pursues the boy, and she wins just in case she can whip his butt.

    Horseback coin picking

    Tenge alu in Kazakh, this one is by all accounts a for the most part Kazakh game of staggering ability, and spryness played in Kazakhstan. Attempt to pick a good number of coins off the floor while hanging on the side of your stallion that is moving at full speed.

    Traditional wrestling

    Each ethnic crowd has its particular form and name of wrestling. The standards are truly comparative: they all rotate around a similar thought of utilizing your muscles and getting your rival to the ground. However, the outfits vary. Each good-sized town will have a training facility for wrestlers where you may spot them.

    Sheep bone tossing

    Oshuk or asyk in Kazakh and Chuko (in Kyrgyz) respectively Tajik alludes to the anklebones of a sheep (or a goat). They look like dice and children have developed huge amounts of amusements to play with them. Hitting an objective from a games, long-distance racing, shooting at different bones to have them point a similar way up, or hit them out of a circle.

    There are many traditional games that travelers from all over the world come to see, and these are just a but a few.

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