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    Tajikistan nightlife is quiet compared to most other nations, and normally there is not enough disposable money to warrant fun of this type. You have to make it happen by yourself especially in the rural areas, but this is not the same when it comes to areas like Dushanbe and Khujand. If you can locate a local group or band to entertain you, it may not be too bad but do not presume this will happen each night and because there is a short supply of electricity, buy a good number of batteries for your torch.

    There are a high number of bars and clubs that you can visit in Dushanbe. However, heavy drinking is highly expected in the majority of the clientele job in a proficient manner. You should always be cautious of your bag and friendly advances that are over friendly.

    The Aini Opera and Ballet theater is a remarkable building in the southern end of Rudaki, and an individual should make an effort of booking in advance. In case you are a fan of less stuffy, then you should visit the Port Said nightclub. It has a higher influence that is western compared to all the other nightclubs in the region.  It is among the best destinations for the Americans to have some fun and thus enjoy the Tajikistan nightlife.

    Rudaski is one of the well-known regions to have a walk around the capital thanks to the floodlit buildings. The buildings are a beautiful site to watch since the buildings are set alight in pastel colors. In most parts of the year, the night is warm enough to walk around and enjoy Tajikistan nightlife.

    The story in Khujand is almost similar to that of Dushanbe but with lesser options. There is more entertainment in the water and light show, and hundreds of the citizens together with their families attend this event. The view is just spectacular and summarizes Tajikistan nightlife in a single view.

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