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    Find out more about Astana from a citizen

    While oil and gas might fund the bombastic structures in Astana, individuals are Kazakhstan’s genuine riches. Kazakh individuals are among the friendliest people I have ever met in many voyages. Underneath the allure and style is a populace that persevered success, starvation, constrained work, and fascists, yet some way or another kept hold of a solid national identity.

    To get in touch with local people of Astana, Kazakhstan, take advantage of Kazakhstan’s dynamic Couchsurfing community. Get up to an espresso with a nearby Couchsurfer to gain more about existence in modern day Astana, Kazakhstan, and the traditions that have remained over the years.

    Eat besbermak

    Kazakh meal is revolved around mutton and meat from horses. We let it out does not sound that engaging, yet you cannot visit Astana Kazakhstan and not have a spoon or two of the national dish besbermak.

    Besbermak is essentially boiled horsemeat or lamb meat, pieces of fat, and noodles that are flat. Horsemeat is viewed as a delicacy in Kazakhstan, so in case you are served it in a family home fake some joy!

    A bowl of toe-twisting broth blended with yogurt is presented with the dish, to wash down the stomach after you have eaten. It will put hair on your knuckles! Besbermak is found in some traditional Kazakh eateries in Astana. However, it is best tasted with a Kazakh family at home.

    Appreciate Astana’s advanced architecture

    Astana, Kazakhstan is home to probably the most modern and over-the-best structures one has ever seen. Structures you cannot miss incorporating the Bayterek monument, a colossal tower bested by a home of white metal and a mammoth golden orb. The huge, translucent tent Khan Shatyr is another one that you cannot afford not to see. The state-of-the-art energy sparing plan guarantees the building remains serenely warm without human-made warming even in the profundities of winter.

    Other highlights include:

    • City Park
    • State Theatre of Opera
    • The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

    Tour the National Museum of Kazakhstan

    The National Museum of Kazakhstan has as of late been revamped and is very great. Spend two or three hours meandering through the displays, which recount the tale of Kazakhstan from prehistoric to current times.

    Tour the Hazrat Sultan Mosque

    Hazrat Sultan Mosque is the biggest mosque in Kazakhstan and the second biggest in Central Asia. The mosque was opened in 2012, yet has all the greatness of more ancient mosques in the area. It is found adjacent to the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation and the National Museum of Kazakhstan.

    Drink at a Kazakh microbrewery

    There is a developing gratefulness for craft lager in Astana—various microbreweries are flying up over Astana, Kazakhstan. While the range is still genuinely restricted, it rolls out a decent improvement from vodka and fermented stallion milk.

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