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    Ever seen the world from up high in your own flying device? That’s just what paragliding would be like. It’s being in control of a flying machine, getting great views, and feeling the wind in your face! It would be breathtaking, exciting, and would give you an unbelievable adrenaline rush. It’s becoming a more popular sport in recent years, and Azerbaijan is no exception. Azerbaijan is a Transcaucasian state that is a hot spot for all kinds of outdoor sports. It’s natural scenery including mountains and lakes which provide for stunning views as well as great landscape for skiing, hiking, trekking, camping, and paragliding.

    Paragliding is still pretty new in Azerbaijan. It was started in the country around 2012 by a company called FAIREX, but it has grown ever since. Even though it’s still new, it hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for this thrill sport in the area. There are spots closer to the coastline of the country, and good sites to paraglide are in Garabeh, Northeastern and Southern Azerbaijan, and Zaqatala. There are plenty of other areas to choose from as well!

    When planning for the vacation, check out the website paraglidingearth.com in order to find the best spots to go rent and get paragliding lessons. Because of the new and fresh energy for the sport in the area, you can depend on getting enthusiastic instructors and being provided with proper lessons. It’s ok if you’re a beginner, but be prepared for the thrill and excitement of the sport.

    But, what usually happens with those interested in such an adrenaline rushing sport such as paragliding is that they are also into other intense sports. That’s what makes Azerbaijan such a great place to go for a sporting holiday. Not only is there paragliding, but because of the location and geography, there are so many other options of great and intense sports to enjoy and get involved with. Not everyone wants to go on a high adrenaline holiday, but for some people, that’s the way they relax. But, it’s an easy and exciting way to go on a bit of a landscape tour.

    Before making the trip over, be sure to find a few good sites and figure out which season is the best to go paragliding in the country. Another way to get good information on the best views, the best instructors, and the best times to go is a paragliding forum. Asking other thrill seekers their opinions and suggestions about the sport is a great way to get the most out of your paragliding holiday!

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