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    China is home to 1.5 billion people and a place where more than 60 ethnic groups harmoniously live together day by day. The cultural wealth that China brings to the world is absolute immense and full of both ancient treasures and exceptional natural phenomenon.

    The first thing you have to do when going to China would be a good planning (there are 37 UNESCO world Heritage Sites), or if you are afraid to get scared of that, better choose one of our Silk Road tours exclusive for China.

    When the planning is done, pay attention a bit to some basic words in Chinese and try to pay attention to the specific dialects of the region you are going to visit.

    To be honest, China holidays are one of the best in the world, simply because there’s always a region where it’s absolutely beautiful weather and the holiday has a good chance to become one of the best in your life, always sunny in a right way and just as you prefer it.

    Now more into must-do in beautiful China

    Street Food

    Travelling to China means experience, don’t forget to try all the food around, as Chinese food is unique and fits almost everybody. Just practice your chopstick skills and don’t be afraid to try some street food or some smaller places. Sometimes the best cooks are not in the fanciest restaurants in China.

    Walk a lot

    Don’t be afraid to walk! Try to avoid the taxis all the time, so you can catch more of the Chinese spirit and understand the taste of China. You will absolutely love the combination of modern skyscrapers and people in kimono walking on streets; you can feel like in a fairytale here.

    Meet the history

    As mentioned previously, there are many unique historical heritage sites, so don’t waste time on sleeping, just visit as many as possible. Beijing is full of important places to visit, don’t miss the Forbidden City, the Temple of heaven and the Tian’anmen Square. Go as well, outside Beijing, to Xi’an and see the famous Terracotta Army (did you know that the emperor saved like this the life of thousands of his soldiers?)

    Climb the Great Wall of China

    We all know it’s a cliché, but sometimes it’s very hard to avoid it. The Great Wall of China is a great place for meditation and of course for making pictures, make one yourself!

    Just don’t forget that it’s way easier to travel China with us!

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