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    Kyrgyzstan has an extraordinary mountainous beauty, professional guides, and secluded trails thus making it an ideal place for horse riding tour. Horse riding tour of a country gives an individual a chance to be free from the possessiveness of the electronics especially the smartphones, breath with a little more ease and have a more peaceful time. I have not come across a better place to do all that than in the country of Kyrgyzstan where it is not overrun by building and people compared to other nations. With beautiful and numerous trails and the individuals that come from a line of professional riders, Kyrgyzstan by default becomes the best destination for horse riding tours.

    Kyrgyzstan: Horseback riding in natural beauty

    Touring Kyrgyzstan means going into the most magnificent, pristine mountain setting in Central Asia. Amongst the continuous and the never-ending mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan, there are many water bodies for example lakes and rivers in the country. Thus Kyrgyzstan is the most vibrant country in Central Asia. There are very many lakes in Kyrgyzstan, roughly 2,000 in number but a majority are small lakes. 16 of the lakes are large enough and be toured via horse riding tour.

    Issyk-Kul is the most famous lake in Kyrgyzstan and the second largest lake in the world. It approximately measures 6,236 KM2. It can be easily visited on horseback. It is one of the two natural wonders that can be found in this beautiful country. The second wonder is the walnut forests located in Arslanbob. They are the world’s most great natural location of nut plantation covering approximately 11,000 hectares, and it has an annual production of 1,500 tons.

    The home of expert horsemen

    The people of Kyrgyzstan originate from a lineage of riders. Since time immemorial, the nomadic people of Kyrgyzstan and their ancestors have been raising horses. Horses are the primary form of transportation in the nomadic villages. The young boys that reside in the countryside are taught how to ride horses as soon as they learn to walk. Almost all if not everyone is comfortable in a saddle and this makes this beautiful land perfect for horse riding.

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